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Research Agenda

Research on MENA remains very limited in the public domain. Funding opportunities are often geared towards the specific priorities of institutional sponsors and donors in the market of policy research. Our platform thus aims to provide new angles and original insights.


We commission pieces that explore topics, ranging from climate change and water scarcity to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on informal economies. 

Our research capacity programmes are designed to enable fellows and contributors to conduct field-based research. The Middle East Research Hub draws on a well-established network of local stakeholders involved in a different sectors of activity, which facilitates access to data and sources. 


We apply standards of research excellence when promoting the work of our fellows and contributors. Our Research outputs are peer-reviewed by board members. Independent researchers promoting their work on our channels operates in compliance with our Research Ethics framework.


Our research outputs rely on in-depth investigative work, fieldwork data collection, state-of-the-art methods and data visualisation tools. Our researchers come from MENA and/or have years of experience conducting research in the region. 

The Middle East Research Hub hosts projects involving collaborations between analysts from different fields of expertise. These partnerships aim to analyse how issues overlap and intersect, like in the case of climate and migration or education and public health.  

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