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The Middle East Research Hub

The Middle East Research Hub is a non-profit initiative designed to promote the work of independent researchers and analysts with skills and expertise applied to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Its aim is to encourage the development of an alternative research agenda by delivering original research outputs, drawing attention to public issues and evidences of social change that are overlooked by the media and the international community.

Promoting Research Capacity 

The Middle East Research Hub carries out fundraising activities designed to support the development of research capacity in MENA. We advocate for the inclusivity of young analysts in advisory and social sciences through the scope of mentorship and fellowship programmes, creating opportunities for public engagement.

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We expand the scope of Middle East research beyond the range of topics commonly addressed in the public debate. 

We offer long-term perspectives to understand recent developments in MENA. We support the inclusion of young voices in applied social sciences across the region.

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